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Many are referring to the EV transition in the U.S. as the fourth industrial revolution. As a manufacturer of EV charging solutions, Dunamis Charge and our investors could not have asked for a more robust business environment to launch our innovative and revolutionary EV chargers.

Invest in Dunamis Charge, a Detroit-based developer of reliable, American-made electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions catering to the rapidly growing demand from EV owners. The Company is gearing up for the highly anticipated nationwide deployment of its first three EV charging solutions in 2024.


  • The global shift towards EVs is driving the demand for EV charging infrastructure.
  • Over $30 billion in government subsidies and $500 billion in private funding is driving a record number of new EV infrastructure projects.
  • 3Dunamis Charge anticipates government funding to help launch its EV products across the nation’s 100 million urban households.
  • 4Patented technology, ongoing investments in R&D, and strategic partnerships help Dunamis Charge maintain its technological mastery.
  • 5Dunamis Charge’s strategic partnerships with industry leaders like Apple, Cummins, DTE Energy, Stellantis, Southern Company further strengthens its competitive advantages.

Business Overview


Dunamis Charge is proud to be the world’s first black-owned, woman-led EV charging manufacturer, producing chargers made in America by an American workforce. Our mission is to build a robust, nationwide network that is accessible and affordable to all drivers. As we scale nationally, our core mission is to create a nationwide EV charging infrastructure from coast to coast.  The deployment of our EV charging solutions will increase access to marginalized communities, help reduce air pollution, improve residents’ health, and spur economic growth through the creation of new jobs. We invite you to add this fast-growing, environmentally conscious, and socially responsible EV charging company to your investment portfolio.


Founded and based in Detroit, Dunamis Charge, Inc. creates dependable and eco-friendly EV chargers for everyone. Our intelligent EV charging technology, made in America, is the ideal choice for partners and consumers looking to power the expanding EV market in both urban and rural communities.  We take pride in deploying these chargers across the nation, including within underserved communities, increasing accessibility for all communities regardless of socioeconomic status. Our goal is to contribute to a more equitable and sustainable future, where the benefits of electrification are accessible to all.


While affordability and accessibility are perceived as barriers to EV adoption in urban communities, we view this as a significant opportunity. With advanced technology from multinational technology companies, funding from federal and state governments, and over a decade of cleantech experience, should enable us to make EV ownership more attainable for all households and businesses.


The global EV market, valued at over $400 billion, is expected to grow to over $1 trillion by 2030 driven primarily by the historic electrification movement. With advancements in technology, increasing environmental consciousness, and supportive government policies, EVs have gained significant traction as a viable and sustainable transportation option. As concerns over climate change and air pollution intensify, consumers and industries are increasingly turning to EVs to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a greener, more sustainable future. Dunamis Charge is well-positioned to benefit financially as it capitalizes on this historic shift.

The Market

The EV charging industry is highly competitive, with established players like ChargePoint, EVgo, and Blink Charging leading the way. The market is dynamic, with new entrants and startups bringing innovative technology. Acquisitions and mergers have also influenced the competitive landscape, offering M&A opportunities for companies seeking to expand their reach and enhance their offerings. As the industry continues to mature, strategic partnerships with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), technology advancements, and government incentives will be crucial factors in gaining a competitive edge.


Dunamis Charge’s ability to rapidly expand and increase its market presence nationwide will largely be possible due to the following competitive advantages:

  • Fast Charging Technology: Developing and offering fast-charging solutions is a significant advantage in the EV industry. Fast chargers (22kW to 149kW) and high-power chargers (more than 149kW) are increasingly preferred by customers, providing a competitive edge in attracting EV owners who value shorter charging times and convenience.  Dunamis Charge provides comparably faster and higher-powered chargers than its competitors.
  • Network Expansion: Building a widespread network of EV charging stations, including across underserved communities, is essential for Dunamis Charge as it will ensure enhanced accessibility for EV owners.  This strategic move will not only set Dunamis Charge apart from its peers but also foster customer engagement, partnership opportunities and revenue acceleration. 
  • Sustainability: Emphasizing eco-friendliness and sustainability in EV charging solutions can set a company apart. Highlighting green initiatives and using renewable energy sources can resonate well with environmentally conscious consumers. Dunamis Charge uses patented technology that includes an underutilized renewable energy source, thus creating a greater competitive advantage over its competitors.
  • Diversity and Inclusivity: Being a woman and minority-owned business, like Dunamis Charge, is  a unique selling point. Embracing diversity and inclusivity in the workforce and corporate culture can enhance the Company’s image and appeal to a broader customer base. Dunamis Charge is the ONLY Black women-led, minority owned EV charging manufacturer in the country.
  • Government Initiatives: Leveraging government incentives and programs, such as the Made in America Buy America initiative endorsed by President Biden, provides a competitive edge in terms of funding and recognition, especially where Dunamis Charge is the only EV charger manufacturer to receive such recognition. 
  • Innovation: Continuously innovating in EV charging technology and services is essential. Staying ahead in terms of features, reliability, and user-friendliness can attract and retain customers. Dunamis Charge is continuously innovating its EV charging technology as illustrated by its patented technology. 

“Natalie thank you for that introduction and for doing such an amazing thing in Detroit.  Making chargers for electric vehicles in the Motor City,” said President Biden at 2023 SBA Conference Washington, DC


Phase 1: Level 2 Charging Solutions for Residential and Commercial Markets

  • Residential Market: Dunamis Charge Models DUN2LR30, DUN2LR40, and DUN2LR50 offer Level 2 home charging solutions designed for easy installation and safe operation.
  • Commercial Market: Presenting Dunamis Charge Models DUN2LC40, DUN2LC50, and DUNLC80, offering Level 2 commercial charging solutions with real-time monitoring, control, analytics, and integrated energy management.


Phase 2: Expanding Access with Level 3 DC Fast Charging Stations

  • Public Charging: Introducing our vast network of Level 3 DC Fast Charging stations, designed for high-traffic areas, providing accessible and rapid charging options for EV drivers. Strategic partnerships with OEMs, fleets, and governments enhance accessibility.


Historic government funding empowers social equity and fuels our growth strategy. The government’s investment in disadvantaged communities aligns with our commitment to social equity and sustainability. We aim to raise awareness about the benefits of EVs and increase EV adoption among diverse populations.

We anticipate tapping into new customer segments through our Level 2 residential and commercial charging solutions. Our Level 3 DC Fast Charging stations are projected to cater to a wide range of EV owners, fostering a cleaner and more sustainable world.



With a planned lineup of innovative EV charging products and a strategic rollout plan, Dunamis Charge expects significant sales and earnings growth. Our focus on building a nationwide EV charging network that will include almost 100 million urban households will position us to expand much faster than other participants in the space.

The Problem

  1. The lack of EV charging infrastructure to support current and future demands.
  2. The lack of availability and accessibility of EV charging infrastructure in low-income urban and underserved communities.
  3. The lack of consistent charging speeds, levels, and connector types among EV models.
  4. Insufficient capacity for fast charging at existing EV charging stations.
  5. Varying standards of EV chargers, causing confusion for EV drivers.

The Solution

  1. Dunamis Charge will increase EV charging infrastructure within the country after its nationwide deployment of its Level 2 EV chargers in residential and commercial markets.
  2. Through varied pricing, discounts, and incentives, Dunamis Charge aims to boost EV charging accessibility in price-conscious urban markets.
  3. Dunamis will address inconsistent charging issues through the production and deployment of swift, convenient, and technologically advanced EV chargers in urban areas.
  4. Dunamis Charge’s DC Fast Chargers will expand access to fast-charging EV chargers nationwide.
  5. Dunamis Charge’s nationwide deployment of EV chargers in previously inaccessible areas could set the standard for EV chargers across the country in 2024 and beyond.

Press and Media


  • September 15, 2023 – Corp! Magazine Names Natalie King as Most Valuable Entrepreneur
  • July 24, 2023 – Crain’s Detroit Business Recognizes Natalie King as a Notable Leader in Energy
  • March 29, 2023 – President Biden Invites Dunamis Charge CEO to White House
  • January 23, 2023 – Featured on Good Morning America – Equity in Electric Vehicles
  • September 2, 2022 – Natalie King, Co-Founder of Blacks in Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Trade Association (BEVI), Also Appointed as Chairwoman
  • May 4, 2022 – Dunamis Charge Featured as Speaker on TEDx
  • February 28, 2022 – Dunamis Charge CEO Featured Among Change-Makers and Innovators in Microsoft Legacy Museum
  • August 25, 2021 – Dunamis Clean Energy Partners Joins Apple’s Impact Accelerator Program
  • August 10, 2021 – EY Names Natalie King as Winner of Entrepreneur of the Year 2021 Michigan and Northwest Ohio
  • March 28, 2020 – Dunamis Charge, Inc. Becomes a Standalone Company Following Incubation Period with Dunamis Clean Energy Partners, LLC

Our Team

Our management team has over 100 years of combined experience in clean energy and engineering, which enables us to perfect our holistic design and provide round-the-clock customer support and maintenance services, making the transition to EVs much easier for our consumers and partners.

Natalie King, Founder & CEO    
Over 16 years in the cleantech energy sector as Founder and CEO of Dunamis Clean Energy Partners, LLC, a rapidly growing energy solutions company with more than 150 workers. Achievements recognized by the White House, Crain’s Business, Ernst & Young, Forbes, and Bloomberg. BS from the University of Michigan; JD from Wayne State University; Graduate of Tuck Executive Education at Dartmouth.

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Kimathi Boothe, VP of Energy Operations
Certified Energy Manager and Project Management Professional with over 20 years of engineering experience, specializing in energy-efficient building science. Vice President of Energy Operations at Dunamis Clean Energy Partners, responsible for strategic planning and execution of programs and projects in Energy Management services, LED Lighting products, and EV Chargers. Recognized with awards and accolades from various professional and civic organizations, actively involved in engineering societies, NAACP, and environmental initiatives.

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David Eillis, VP of Engineering & Product Development
Over 40 years with senior engineering staff at DTE Energy. Certified Energy Manager and has served on the Board of Directors of The Heat and Warmth Fund. Brings invaluable expertise in product development and energy management, along with a strong commitment to the community and the environment.

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Together, Natalie King, Kimathi Boothe, and David Ellis bring diverse skills and experiences to the electric vehicle charging manufacturing company. Their combined expertise in leadership, engineering, energy management, and community service would make them a formidable team that could drive the company’s success and positively impact the environment and the community.

Important Note

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