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Communities in Charge

Dunamis Charge’s “Communities in Charge” program aims to make electric vehicle (EV) chargers more accessible to all, prioritizing diversity, inclusion, and promoting equity.

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Leveling the Playing Field for EV Adoption

Address the Imbalance

We aim to ensure that charging stations are as ubiquitous as gas stations.

Close the Divide

We are expanding infrastructure to rural and underserved urban areas.

Incentivizing Investment

Tax breaks, grants, and innovative partnerships can help cover costs.

Sustainable & Equitable EV Charging Solutions

Communities in Charge

Dunamis Charge’s “Communities in Charge” initiative is a revolutionary program that aims to make sustainable transportation options more accessible to everyone. By prioritizing high-usage sites and focusing on inclusion, diversity, equity, and access, this program is committed to rapidly expanding the nation’s electric vehicle (EV) charger network while ensuring equitable access for all, regardless of socioeconomic background.  

Dunamis Charge

Community Integration

The program recognizes the importance of faith-based organizations and churches as crucial gathering points for disadvantaged community members.

Educating Communities

Aligning Interests

Through extensive outreach, workshops, and integrating community feedback into the design process, the initiative ensures that the deployment of EV charging solutions meets the specific needs of the communities it serves.

This truly embodies a holistic approach to fostering opportunities

This enhances the infrastructure for sustainable mobility.

Reducing Barriers

Embracing Innovation

“Communities in Charge” is not just a program but a mission to revolutionize the nation’s EV charging infrastructure development, with a special emphasis on community to ensure everyone has access to sustainable transportation options, regardless of background – a vision for an equitable future with fair access to EV charging infrastructure.

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