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Dunamis Charge and ChargerHelp! Announce Powerful EV Industry Collaboration


Thursday, September 1, 2022

A luminous alliance between automotive industry trailblazers Natalie King’s Dunamis Charge and Kameale C. Terry’s ChargerHelp! is set to impact the clean energy market significantly. The ground-breaking partnership of these black women-owned, first-of-their-kind companies will help to create a more efficient and sustainable infrastructure for electric vehicles while providing EV infrastructure workforce development and training to underserved communities. King has long been a leader in innovation, and this collaboration will allow her Motor City-based EV charger manufacturer Dunamis Charge to plug into new arenas and create even more value for its customers. Terry’s Los Angeles-based ChargerHelp! provides valuable insights into the usage and maintenance of charging stations, thus aiding Dunamis Charge to optimize its design, reliability, and performance.

Electric vehicles are growing increasingly popular as people become more environmentally conscious. However, one obstacle that needs to be overcome is the lack of efficient charging infrastructure. That’s where companies like Dunamis Charge come in – they’re dedicated to designing and manufacturing top-quality, best-in-class EV chargers. And now, with the dedicated assistance and expertise of ChargerHelp!, they’re poised to take on even bigger challenges and ensure greater efficacy of its commercial and residential units.

ChargerHelp! is a cutting-edge technology company that provides maintenance and repair services for electric vehicle charging stations. Their platform collects data on station usage patterns and furnishes insights into how stations can be optimized for performance and sustainability. Through this collaboration, both companies will be able to share their knowledge, resulting in a better experience for energy-efficient vehicle owners.

For Dunamis, joining forces with ChargerHelp! represents an opportunity to create even more value for its customers. According to Dunamis Charge CEO Natalie King, “Dunamis is excited and inspired to partner with ChargerHelp! in ensuring our chargers are serviced with excellence while also significantly impacting workforce development efforts in underserved communities!”

And for ChargerHelp, the move is another step toward becoming the world’s leading provider of data-driven services for EV charging stations. When asked about her thoughts on the significance of the partnership, Kameale stated, “ChargerHelp! is enthused to partner with US manufacturer Dunamis Charge. This partnership exemplifies Natalie’s commitment to mass EV adoption by investing in ongoing data-driven operations and maintenance.”

Key details of this partnership will be formally announced during the 2022 North American International Auto Show (NAIS) in Detroit, Michigan.

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Dunamis Charge

Dunamis Charge is an affiliated company of Dunamis Clean Energy Partners, LLC which was founded in 2012 and is a woman-owned, MBE-certified OE manufacturer of Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE). Dunamis Charge specializes in providing intelligent, reliable, and user-friendly Electric Vehicle Chargers and Energy Management Services that exceed the needs of individual, commercial, and utility customers to manage and optimize charging at home, workplace, or public space. Dunamis Charge is the first African American woman-owned EV charger manufacturer on the globe.


ChargerHelp! is an app-based company that enables on-demand repair of electric vehicle charging stations while building out local workforces, removing barriers, and enabling economic mobility within all communities. ChargerHelp! operates at the intersection of clean technology and workforce development. ChargerHelp!’s system solves the industry-wide problem of downed electric vehicle charging stations by providing on-demand repairs and maintenance support from trained and supported local workforces. ChargerHelp! is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, with service in 19 states and immediate plans for expansion into all 50 states by the end of 2023.