Having a passion or being tired of working for someone else are reasons people start a business.

For Natalie King, that entrepreneurial push perhaps came from a dream. The former attorney became her own boss upon awakening from a cat nap after church, per Forbes. That doze resulted in King launching Dunamis Charge; the first Black-woman owned maker of electric vehicle (EV) recharging stations.

“I woke up from that nap, and there was a clear direction of the next thing you need to do is electric vehicle charging manufacturing,” King stated in an interview at her firm’s booth at the Motor Bella auto show.

Yet, it has not been a cakewalk for King. Her quest to create Dunamis Charge began in 2007 after she and her former husband started a solar energy firm. But when the marriage ended, so did the company. Yet, the breakup did not defuse King’s zeal for solar energy.

Five years later, she created Dunamis Clean Energy Partners, a trade ally firm for several utility companies and incentive procurement with a large concentration on commercial and industrial customers. King’s business also performed energy auditing for various companies. While doing the audits, King discovered many of her clients were upgrading to LED lighting. She gained a big LED deal with several Michigan health clinics, but a local manufacturer she was working with never delivered the product. “I was devastated,” she said.