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Prominent African American Owned and Operated Companies Align to Form First Ever
Blacks in Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Trade Association


Friday, September 2, 2022

With the purpose of advancing the equitable, inclusive, and sustainable presence of black suppliers in the global EV infrastructure marketplace, Natalie King’s Dunamis Charge, Kameale C. Terry’s ChargerHelp!, Carla Walker-Miller’s Walker-Miller Energy Services, Kwabena “Q” Johnson’s PlugZen, and William McCoy’s Vehya announce the official formation of BEVI (Blacks in Electric Vehicle Infrastructure). The first trade association of its kind will align African American-owned and operated companies specializing in the manufacturing, installation, maintenance, repair, diagnostics, resell, and distribution of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE). With exponential growth projected for the electric vehicle industry in the next ten years and beyond, these clean technology trailblazers recognize the importance of ensuring that Black people have a fair opportunity to contribute to initiatives and innovation in electric vehicle arenas. With the organization of BEVI, that goal is one step closer to being realized. BEVI’s founding members understand the significance of representation and have created a platform to encourage other black entrepreneurs interested in the EV space to pursue the ever-increasing opportunities in the industry. King, Terry, Walker-Miller, McCoy, and Johnson will launch BEVI at an exclusive 2022 “North American International Auto Show Edition” event on Thursday, September 15, 2022, from 4:30 pm – 7:30 pm at The Beacon in Detroit, Michigan.

Electric vehicles are becoming more popular each year as gas price volatility continues, drivers seek ways to reduce their environmental impact, and automakers produce more affordable options. Over the coming decade, it’s estimated that 15% of all drivers will be using electric cars – which means burgeoning growth and advantages for businesses within EV sectors. with this rapid expansion comes a pressing need for diversity. Currently, there are very few African American players within the EV tech space. The formation of BEVI will make access to diverse, competent, innovative talent easy.

The manufacturing ecosystem of the automobile spawned great generational wealth for many majority families and created America’s middle class. This is an important stride toward ensuring that all capable, exceptional, EV technology experts of all races have access to the unprecedented economic benefits that will be created by the proliferation of the EV industry.

The passing of the 2021 Build America Buy America Act [BABA] has created a dual scenario to create good jobs in both the construction and manufacturing arenas. The new law provides an incentive for strengthening our country’s manufacturing sectors while also ensuring that federally funded infrastructure projects use American-made materials.

Additionally, legislation such as the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law [BIL] and the Justice 40 Initiative each provide substantial commitments toward equitable distribution of federal investments in climate and clean energy to disadvantaged communities, with the goal of growing the economy sustainably and equitably so that everyone gets ahead for decades to come. As our global community moves towards a more sustainable future, everyone should have the opportunity to have a stake in building it – including those from marginalized populations traditionally left out of cleantech commerce.

That’s precisely why Dunamis Charge, ChargerHelp!, Walker-Miller, PlugZen, Vehya, and other African American green energy experts are teaming up to break down barriers and create inclusive pathways for people of color.

In addition to making MBE-certified and other black-owned EVSE companies more centralized and procurable to key trade stakeholders, the Blacks in Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Trade Association will host conferences, forums, and fireside chat discussions. Topics will include:

  • Education
  • Community Outreach & Engagement
  • Contract Procurement
  • Environmental Justice
  • Connecting to Disadvantaged/Underserved Communities
  • Public/Private Partnerships
  • Policy Making
  • Advocacy

The official formation of BEVI signals a monumental shift for underserved groups across America that have long been overlooked when it comes to access to quality jobs and resources within the robust EV industry. The potential socio-economic impact of BEVI is tremendous, and it comes at a time when many black-owned businesses are struggling to survive. Founding members Natalie King, Kameale C. Terry, Carla Walker-Miller, William McCoy, and Q Johnson hope that this will be the beginning of a new era of inclusion and opportunity.

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Natalie M. King

Natalie King is the founder and CEO of Dunamis Clean Energy Partners, LLC, and its affiliated company, Dunamis Charge. Under her leadership, Dunamis has grown into a multi-million-dollar corporation with more than 150 workers throughout Southeastern Michigan. Natalie’s innovative vision for Dunamis created a diversified portfolio of products and services, including LED lighting and electric vehicle charger manufacturing, as well as energy efficiency and environmental service solutions. King was named Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year®

2021 Michigan and Northwest Ohio. In 2021 Dunamis joined the inaugural cohort of the Stellantis National Black Supplier Development and Apple Impact Accelerator Programs.

Kameale C. Terry

Kameale Terry is the co-founder and CEO of ChargerHelp!, whose platform analyzes operational data about EV chargers across the US and sends skilled personnel to fix them when they’re down. ChargerHelp! is an app that enables the on-demand repair of EV chargers.

With over a decade of experience in clean technology, Kameale formed ChargerHelp! with her co-founder Evette Ellis to create a reliable Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure. The innovative black women-owned clean tech company, powered by advanced technology, uses data to identify and provide maintenance and repair services for electric vehicle charging stations.

Carla Walker-Miller

Carla Walker-Miller is the founder and CEO of Walker-Miller Energy Services. (Walker-Miller), a 22-year-old Certified B Corp that changes lives through clean energy. Walker-Miller’s Equitable Mobility Consulting division catalyzes the rapid deployment of EV Infrastructure in historically excluded communities. With services that include Equitable Mobility Research and Consulting, Mobility Program Design and Management, and EV Charger Installation Management, Carla is committed to helping Black entrepreneurs explore opportunities to start and grow mobility adjacent companies. In addition to its impactful collaborations with fellow BEVI companies, Walker-Miller is a certified Tesla Charging Station and Tesla PowerWall installer, and a ChargePoint Sales Channel.

William McCoy

William McCoy is the founder and CEO of Vehya. The company is championing EV adoption through infrastructure and workforce development. Vehya is a standout startup based in Detroit, Michigan playing a big role in recruiting, training, and deploying the green power workers of the future – electricians who will be needed to install and maintain EV chargers across the country.

Kwabena “Q” Johnson

Kwabena “Q” Johnson is an automotive industry expert, consultant, innovator, and the president of PlugZen LLC, a Detroit-based electric vehicle charging company that is developing, manufacturing, and implementing EV charging solutions poised to alter the landscape of EV charging for the next 15 to 20 years.